4 Meetups Every Entrepreneur in Houston Should Know About

4 Meetups Every Entrepreneur in Houston Should Know About

We know what it’s like to start from the bottom. Ever since we got started in 2004, we’ve been climbing an uphill ladder towards success and stability. We’ve learned that one of the most important parts of becoming a successful entrepreneur is connecting with other entrepreneurs.

There are lots of great, local options to connect entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners with one another in Houston. By forming relationships with successful businessmen and businesswomen, we grow as leaders and business owners. We are rightfully taught the importance of connecting to people who are different than us. This is well and good, but it’s also important to find people who can share in your triumphs and failures. Whether you’re a small-business owner just getting started, or a CEO wanting to bounce ideas around with people in similar life stages, Houston has numerous meetups that will aid your growth as an entrepreneur. A few of the options are below.

1. Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)

The Entrepreneurs' Organization, or EO, has spent the last 30 years helping entrepreneurs network, grow, and learn from one another.

To qualify, you have to be a founder, co-founder, owner, or shareholder of a company that grosses over $1 million annually, and you need to join before your 50th Birthday. There is a $1,500 application fee, a $1,900 annual fee for global membership, and additional local chapter dues.

This is a great option for an entrepreneur who really means business. Though it is a more expensive option, the benefits of being part of such an elite team of leaders pays off by making you a more successful entrepreneur through your network with other skilled entrepreneurs.

One of the greatest membership perks is the opportunity to join a forum. Forums give members the opportunity to engage other entrepreneurs on a personal and a business level, serving almost like a support group for corporate personalities.

Connect with them on LinkedIn or check out their application process here.

EO Accelerator

OK, let’s face it: It takes a lot of work before your company can casually gross over $1 million annually.

Lucky for you, EO wants to get you there.

If your business is bringing in a gross yearly revenue between $250,000 - $1 million, their Accelerator program is a great option to help you grow as an entrepreneur and eventually bring in a higher annual yield.

Their mission is to help equip entrepreneurs with the skills to propel their business to bring in more than $1 million in sales. Not only will this program help your business gain some financial stability, it will also provide you with new tools to become a better business owner and a better leader.

Through structured educational content, this beginner course to entrepreneurial success allows you to learn from some of the world’s most prominent entrepreneurs.

The program currently costs $1,500 per participant and grants you access to four quarterly learning events, while providing great networking opportunities for rising entrepreneurs.

Fill out an application here.

2. Vistage

Successful executives: Listen up.

Similar to EO, Vistage offers a confidential monthly environment to share your ideas and find constructive problem-solving techniques.

Not only is Vistage a good way to connect, it also challenges you as an executive. Through goal setting and progress checks, your connections at Vistage help hold you accountable on and off your professional platform.

The minimum membership fee is $600 per month, making Vistage the priciest option on the list.

If you have the means to afford this program, it is a great way to meet other CEOs and business owners from a wide variety of industries.

Follow them on LinkedIn or apply here to become a part of this great team.

3. C12 Group

For Christian entrepreneurs looking for support and growth, look no further than the C12 Group.

Through the monthly peer advisory board, entrepreneurs get to spend one day out of each month diving into a structured business curriculum together. Each meeting is led by a successful C12 board member.

Once a month, each member also gets a 60-90 minute meeting with their local Chair to discuss their life, business, and ministry. These one-on-one coaches get to know your unique situation and provide informed, Biblical insight for your company.

Each member also receives proprietary resources drawn from the best business training literature on the market. Joined with a Biblical worldview, their resources provide access to a variety of resources that seek to make your business grow.

Membership into C12 provides you with a network of hard-working, supportive entrepreneurs to brainstorm with and learn from. C12 gives you access to national workshops and conferences where you can connect with other C12 members and leaders across the nation.

To ensure affordability for a variety of different businesses, the cost of membership is based on the size of your company.

Connect with them on LinkedIn or get more information about membership here.

Jones Graduate School Entrepreneur Organization (JGSEO)

Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business has gained a reputation as one of the most reputable business schools in America.

Forbes ranked Jones, an academic unit of Rice University, number three in the “Best Places for Business and Careers” category.

Jones Graduate School Entrepreneur Organization (JGSEO) is geared toward alumni of Jones Graduate School, and it is designed as an affordable networking and mentorship program for entrepreneurs at a variety of life stages.

With countless notches of experience on their proverbial belt, JGSEO teaches young entrepreneurs how to keep their business ventures afloat through real world experiences and unique problem-solving techniques.

At an annual membership fee of $150, JGSEO gives students and alumni access to networking and social events, educational presentations, industry panels, various competitions, and much more.

Are you interested, alumni? Apply here or connect with the school of business on LinkedIn.


Whether you’re a young entrepreneur fresh out of school or you’ve been in the game for years, it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people.

If you’re the president or CEO of a larger company, you may want to look into the Young Presidents Organization for a niche of people who gained great entrepreneurial success by the age of 45.

Having a network of corporate connections is vital if you want to continue learning and growing. Entrepreneurs should strive for improvement in every area of their life, both professionally and personally.

Do you have a strong network of business owners that inspire and teach you? If not, consider one of these great meetup options.

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