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Glass Signs

When our customers want to portray a clean, upscale, refined, and modern image of their business, they request a glass sign. For centuries, glass has been used in creative ways to express wealth, grandeur, and refined taste. Glass is very versatile as it can be fabricated in numerous colors, finishes, shapes, and effects. With our experience in glass sign making, we harness advanced glass cutting, etching, beveling, polishing, tempering, and sandblasting techniques to offer limitless design choices in glass signs. At the same time, we combine new vinyl filmmaking technologies and direct printing on glass to add colorful logos, designs, and privacy screen options to glass panels in corporate interior offices, lobbies, and conference rooms. Glass has a unique appeal and advantage over other materials: it is both transparent and reflects the color of its surroundings. Glass signs blend in nicely with almost every type of interior décor and finish. Glass is therefore a great medium for communicating a company’s brand in rich dazzling colors with cool effects. Increasingly, glass signs are being used for main identity signage in corporate lobbies and reception areas. In airports and high rises, glass signs are being extensively used for wayfinding and environmental graphics.

Every Style and Finish You Need for Glass Signs

We offer the finest in glass signs by melding the transparent glass piece with painted acrylic, metallic silver, and gold and colored pieces. We can then add etching, sand blasting, reverse-painting, or colorful frosted vinyl effects to create a glass sign that delivers the effect you are looking for.
Typically, etched glass signs are made from 1/4”, 3/8” or 1/2" thick tempered glass, but a variety of custom thicknesses are available upon request. Common sign sizes range from 12"-36" in height to 24"-72" in width, but again, many large custom sizes are available upon request. The glass can be a regular clear glass or an optically clear starfire glass that doesn’t have the standard green tint to it. Often, customers request an etched / frosted background to the glass because it helps the glass sign to “stand out” against a monotone, solid-colored wall or a busy wallpaper covering. Your logo is then very precisely sandblasted on either the front or the back of the glass to give it a certain desired effect. Sometimes the sandblasted, carved glass is also paint filled to match a customer’s unique logo colors. For some customers, we also add 3D letters instead of sandblasting to provide a more raised effect.