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Everlasting quality and beauty is what you get when you mix, match and contrast a variety of materials in the process of manufacturing ADA Raster™ Braille signage. Examples are textiles, wood grains, dramatic metallic paint finishes or trendy architectural materials. Whether you need a contemporary, modern or traditional style, we are able to apply copy and Raster™ Braille to many custom materials. Let your project reflect your individuality.

If you need unique custom signs that represent a combination of various materials we can help. We open the door to the possibility of coordinating materials so you reap the benefits of exploring the limitless potential offered by the applied copy and Raster™ Braille process.

Framed ADA Signs

Some signs require an easy exchange or removal of tenant inserts. Our molded frames fit that need perfectly because they are tamper-resistant and available in standard plastic colors or painted to match the decor’ of your building. Sign removal is simple using the suction cup we provide. Our entire line was built with the idea of making the frames easy to use. The inserts are secure from vandalism and inadvertent removal, but when you have to take them out, it is effortless.

An extensive line of premium metal frames designed to securely house signage that is tamper-resistant, yet easy for the right person to remove when necessary. Attractive frames in a variety of finishes each equipped with a snap lock mechanism to hold the insert in place. Simple to remove using the suction cup provided with your order.


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