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Imagine working in an office space with just white walls and no color. Sounds boring, right?! A lot of our client base feel a similar way before reaching out to us here at Saifee Signs. We can help them - and do help every single day - in both reworking their corporate space and their brand. New designs and a change in scenery can soften a working environment and make productivity skyrocket. Just on interiors alone, new signage and images both enlivens your visiting customers but also shows your employees how much you value them: they are worth the cost of a revamp and renew. Exterior signage is where the customers find your location and contact information, interior signs welcome visitors to your great workspace.

So why Saifee Signs when you can buy it online? Because, you simply can't buy an expert’s vision online. When you and your business enlist the help of Saifee signs, a standard process begins. First, our client representative gets a feel for the desired interior environment you want to create. This involves us coming to see your current space. The design we create for you - from the color scheme to the materials utilized - is based off of both your current design and off of what you truly want to express to your customers and your internal team alike.


Your new interior sign, created by our stellar team of designers, project leaders, and fabrication staff, will meet all of your expectations and exceed them. And if you have concerns, we work to finalize the sign with you to your specifications. We listen to your needs, aesthetically and logistically, to architect the perfect signage. This is done on budget and on time every time. The process involves the following steps:

  • Saifee’s design team creates the signage that addresses your business needs;
  • The budget and finance team works with you, the client, to make sure the product we create stays within your fiscal goals;
  • The materials professionals at Saifee offer you various platforms for your new aesthetic: from glass to steel, and from paint to bronze, we look for materials that can withstand the long haul;
  • Finally, production takes place; with the newest innovations, your sign is created - a perfect sign that remains within budget but produces stellar results for your ROI.

Etched Glass Signs in Houston, TX

When our customers want to portray a clean, upscale, refined, and modern image of their business, they request a glass sign. For centuries, glass has been used in creative ways to express wealth, grandeur, and refined taste. Glass is very versatile as it can be fabricated in numerous colors, finishes, shapes, and effects. With our experience in glass sign making, we harness advanced glass cutting, etching, beveling, polishing, tempering, and sandblasting techniques to offer limitless design choices in glass signs. At the same time, we combine new vinyl filmmaking technologies and direct printing on glass to add colorful logos, designs, and privacy screen options to glass panels in corporate interior offices, lobbies, and conference rooms.
Glass has a unique appeal and advantage over other materials: it is both transparent and reflects the color of its surroundings. Glass signs blend in nicely with almost every type of interior décor and finish. Glass is therefore a great medium for communicating a company’s brand in rich dazzling colors with cool effects. Increasingly, glass signs are being used for main identity signage in corporate lobbies and reception areas. In airports and high rises, glass signs are being extensively used for wayfinding and environmental graphics.

Every Style and Finish You Need for Glass Signs

We offer the finest in glass signs by melding the transparent glass piece with painted acrylic, metallic silver, and gold and colored pieces. We can then add etching, sand blasting, reverse-painting, or colorful frosted vinyl effects to create a glass sign that delivers the effect you are looking for.
Typically, etched glass signs are made from 1/4”, 3/8” or 1/2" thick tempered glass, but a variety of custom thicknesses are available upon request. Common sign sizes range from 12"-36" in height to 24"-72" in width, but again, many large custom sizes are available upon request. The glass can be a regular clear glass or an optically clear starfire glass that doesn’t have the standard green tint to it. Often, customers request an etched / frosted background to the glass because it helps the glass sign to “stand out” against a monotone, solid-colored wall or a busy wallpaper covering. Your logo is then very precisely sandblasted on either the front or the back of the glass to give it a certain desired effect. Sometimes the sandblasted, carved glass is also paint filled to match a customer’s unique logo colors. For some customers, we also add 3D letters instead of sandblasting to provide a more raised effect.


Backplated Metal Signs in Houston, TX

Just like glass signs, metal & acrylic back-plated signs offer a nice clean look. They are specially helpful when you want to separate a sign from its background and would like the sign to really stand out on its own. We often recommend these signs when customers have a light colored monotone wall. In such cases, adding a plate behind the sign provides the much-needed color and contrast to the sign.

Every Style and Finish You Need For Your Lobby Signs

We offer many finishes in clear and painted acrylic to enhance the background contrast for interior signs. They are available in a myriad of different PMS matched colors and within multiple finishes in gloss, semi-gloss, and matte to match your room decor and lighting levels.



Painted acrylic is a powerful medium for translating your company's identity into three dimension. Highly versatile and affordable, acrylic office signs can be painted in your choice of Pantone (PMS) colors to exactly match your corporate branding guidelines. Plus, with our options for mounting style, material thickness and finishes, we can make your signs really stand out.

Every Style and Finish You Need For Your Lobbies & Conference Rooms

We carry multiple finishes in gloss, semi-gloss, and matte to match your room decor and lighting levels. Check out our different styles and examples for painted acrylic signs.



Metal letters & logos are used for their brushed metallic appearance that brings an upscale look to your interior office. While most customers are looking for the brushed silver look of aluminum in their reception signs, some customers are looking for a unique metal look that blends in with their custom interior finishes. To serve their unique needs, Saifee Signs carries a huge variety of metal finishes to match any custom interior.

Every Style and Finish You Need for Your Corporate Interiors

While aluminum is the most common material we carry, we also offer brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel and raw steel as metal options. Choose the right one from over 100 finishes we offer including brushed, polished, anodized, oxidised, patina and custom faux finishes.



When you are ready to make a bold statement at your business think about our custom wallpapers that can cover an entire wall: side to side, floor to ceiling. How dramatic is that? Our custom wallpaper prints provide truly dramatic murals that can give your interior space the exact look and feel you and your designer want! Personalize your interior space, show your true colors and make it a lively workspace. You can use the large empty spaces on your interior walls, receptions, elevator lobbies and conference rooms to strengthen your brand identity and display your favorite art with custom wallpapers.

Every Style and Finish You Need

Our custom wallpapers can be printed on a variety of quality materials for a lively, branded, and/or decorative addition to your interiors. We use a variety of technologies and materials to render high-quality, durable graphics. Choose your hi-resolution images, patterns, colors, or shades and we will produce your custom designed, one-of-a-kind wall décor product for your office. Our custom wallpaper is printed on 3M commercial grade vinyl with UV cured inks that are solvent free, laminated, washable, and will not fade. In addition to permanent wallpapers, we also offer removable wallpaper materials. Those include textured fabrics that adhere to drywall, metal, and glass windows but come off easily without leaving any messy glue behind.