Directional Sign Services Houston, TX

While wall signs and monument signs do a great job for branding and identifying a business, what should a business do if their existing signs can't be seen from a distance? Most wall signs are parallel to the road and therefore can't be seen from an approaching vehicle. And, monument signs, although perpendicular to the street, aren't usually tall enough to be seen from far. To rescue comes a pole sign. These are signs installed at a height on a pole and offer a great solution to businesses who need increased visibility from a distance.


Every Style and Finish You Need for Pole Signs

We offer many different options for exterior Pole Mounted Signs. As you can see from our gallery, many different sizes, reader boards and digital LED display options are available. The most common option for industrial companies is to use a manual changeable reader board to advertise the products or hiring positions; however, digital LED boards are becoming more and more common because of their ease of use and ability to attract drivers by displaying colorful graphics. View our gallery to see some of our implentations.