Digital Outdoor Sign Services in Houston, TX

From scrolling marquee signs to full motion graphics, outdoor digital displays can make a big impact to an audience on foot, in cars or sitting still. They are now an imperative part of a comprehensive communications plan at large institutions, stadiums, schools, universities and more.

Outdoor displays come in various sizes and resolutions depending upon the use, location and needs of our clients. At Saifee Signs, we can create the perfect sized led display for your needs, in the correct resolution, so your message comes across perfectly clear to your target market.

##LED Message BillBoards
These come in a wide range of sizes including large formats that allow easy visibility from those driving by or in a large facility such as a stadium or coliseum. Content can range from text and
basic images to full color motion graphics.

##Digital Marquee Signs
These are smaller in size and are used for displaying scrolling text, pricing, and announcements for schools, event centers, houses-of-worship, and more.