7: Horiba Instruments Signage

How Saifee Signs helped Horiba Instruments fix a failing sign in Alvin, TX and implement new fleet graphics



Horiba Instruments had another sign company retrofit an old lighted pole sign in their complex. The work was of a poor quality and the face of the sign would flap dangerously in the wind. At night, the light colors were not the ones they wanted. They contacted Saifee Signs to fix the damage.

Project goals

  • Create a durable, weather-resistant, long-lasting, outdoor lighted pole sign
  • The colors were to accurately match the company colors, including at night
  • The project was to be completed in a very tight timeframe, before an upcoming company event

Saifee Signs approach

After our initial survey, it was easy for us to see that the existing pole sign was in poor condition. The sign had several dents, and many layers of paint. It was simpler and cheaper to start over.

  • We used a heavier gauge of aluminum than the previous company, to give the sign sturdiness and longevity
  • A new custom manufactured sign box had the clean look the client wanted

Horiba was so pleased with our work on the pole sign, we were immediately commissioned to make another sign for the building face.

The new sign reflected the modern, clean look of the revamped pole sign. We created a pan sign with dimensional acrylic letters, in thick acrylic.

Horiba Instruments
Alvin, TX

Saifee Signs & Graphics

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