5: Powell Electric Recognition Wall

How Saifee Signs helped Powell Electric create a Quarter Century Club through an Employee Recognition / Awards Wall



Powell Electric wanted to recognize the contributions of their employees with a unique inspirational and affirmative feature – a commemorative wall with the names and pictures of close to 250 past and present employees. Every person on the wall was valued by the company, and they wanted to acknowledge that publicly.

Project goals

There were some practical requirements for the wall to work as envisioned.

  • The plaques had to be removable, but at the same time protected, so they were not removed without permission
  • The system had to be flexible enough to add new employees, or rearrange the order
  • It had to be inexpensive to update; they did not want to recreate the wall every time changes were made
  • Even with over two hundred names, they all had to be easily readable

Saifee Signs approach

Our solution for the commemorative wall was a system of magnetized plaques in frames. The plaques can be easily removed and rearranged in the frame system, without any assistance.

To ensure that they are protected, we covered the plaques with a glass front. However, it was designed so it could open to allow access to the plaques when changes have to be made.

Implementation and installation presented their own challenges. At every step we had the client sign off so that we were sure they were satisfied. For instance

  • There were over 200 names, dates and pictures to keep organized, and spell correctly on every plaque
  • For ex-employees, we pulled their pictures off old security cards and enhanced them digitally. Then we created samples on zinc plates for the clients to approve, not just pdfs, so they were sure of the final product before it was created.
  • After they approved online proofs, we created physical samples so the clients could review every color as it would come out **
  • We ran quality checks for every plaque, to ensure that every employee’s picture came out perfect
  • We used specialty measurement tools to ensure that all the plaques were lined up without appearing crooked

** We always show physical samples for colors, so clients can match colors accurately to their office décor

Powell Electric
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