Vehicle Wraps – Materials, Processes, Facility & Warranty

The most common problems encountered on graphics covering large areas of vehicles are FADING, LIFTING and CRACKING. It is crucial to prevent these problems in order to protect your investment and your brand. To do so, Saifee Signs & Graphics, LLC utilizes the right materials, the right manufacturing process and the right installation procedures.


THE RIGHT MATERIAL – ‘One Size Fits All’ is NOT the case

There are over 400 vinyl films available for graphics printing. For use on vehicles, it is necessary to select a film that is designed for conforming to irregular surfaces and harsh environments that vehicles have to go through. Saifee Signs & Graphics, LLC is diligent in selecting a material that is:

·               Engineered for long term fleet applications

·               Flexible enough to conform to rivets and corrugations

·               Capable of repositioning and allows air escape for bubbles without comprising the adhesive strength


For this reason, since 2004 we have consistently used the 3M IJ180cv3 vinyl film + 3M 8519 luster laminate for long-term permanent vehicle wraps.


THE RIGHT PROCESS – Many options, BUT few solutions

Several large format printing processes exist. Each has unique characteristics that affect color, resolution, chemical interaction and durability. Saifee Signs & Graphics, LLC uses a print platform that is designed and tested for vehicle graphics.

·               Graphics are printed on a HP Latex printer with original HP inks that are UV resistant and have been tested by us to last for years without fading

·               All material and machines are stored in an indoor air-conditioned facility to provide consistent print quality that is not affected by the outdoor temperature and humidity. 3M highly recommends a low humidity and approx. 80oF as an optimum printing and installation temperature for graphics, which is constantly maintained in our warehouse

·               Machines are maintained on a daily basis to provide reliable printing performance day after day, months after months with minimum downtime

·               Graphics are laminated with a matched laminate component to ensure maximum protection against scratches, chemical spills, abrasives and UV rays


THE RIGHT INSTALLATION – Family physicians should not perform Heart Surgery

Vehicle graphics installations are the most difficult vinyl graphics installations due to the irregular surfaces and compound curves of vehicle surfaces. It is a specialty! Specific tools, supplies, prep solutions, primers and techniques are required for these installations that are not required for other graphics applications.


The durability and warranty of your graphics depends on the installers training and experience. Our installers are trained in


·               Detailed documentation of vehicle condition and materials used

·               Proper preparation of vehicle surfaces

·               Use of correct tools, 3M primers, 3M sealants and installation methods




THE RIGHT FACILITY– Your installations no longer need to wait for the Perfect Day

Saifee Signs boasts one of the best installation facilities in the country.

·               Our 60 ft. air-conditioned installation-bay is capable of installing graphics on an entire 53 ft. trailer indoors without having to worry about the Houston’s weather. The air-conditioned environment ensures that your graphics are applied at the proper temperature and humidity recommended by 3M and will last for years to come without peeling, cracking or fading.

·               Rain or shine, our 4000 square ft. production and installation facility guarantees that you will always receive your graphics installation on-time without any weather related delays

·               It is also our policy to store all customer vehicles inside our warehouse facility to ensure nighttime security of your vehicles




Saifee Signs’ Facility Pictures



Documentation of vehicle conditions and materials used is very necessary for 3M graphics warranty. While most sign shops do not keep proper documentation, Saifee Signs & Graphics, LLC is diligent in documenting the materials and installation practices to make certain that we deliver finished graphics that are warranted and present an outstanding image for your COMPANY throughout the life of your vehicles.


·               The 3M 180cv3 material we use for vehicle wraps comes with a 4 Yr. warranty for clean & easy removability of wraps without damaging OEM painted surfaces

·               We also provide you with a promotional two year labor warranty on all our installation work


We look forward to discussing solutions that will provide you with fleet graphics that will bring favorable attention to your fleet and hope to become your best resource for all your graphics needs.


Saifee Signs & Graphics, LLC


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