Trailers provide even larger flat surfaces on their sides than box trucks. These sides can be used for advertising that is very similar to Billboard advertising you see on the side of a road or a highway. Big bold images, vivid full color graphics on trailers captivate the attention of passing vehicles as a trailer is hauled from one location to another.

Trailer Graphics Options

Graphics options for trailers are exactly the same as those for box trucks except the size of graphics is much bigger. There are three main options:

Basic Vinyl Graphics

Some customers want decals on just the cab doors. This usually includes company Logo, phone numbers, website, and a few bullet points about the company’s products on the vehicles doors. Whereas, others want a bit more coverage with graphics on the sides and the rear Double Doors. This is the traditional and most common option for flat surfaced vehicles. Customers like to put their company logo, phone numbers, website, and a few bullet points about the company’s products on the trailer’s sides and the rear doors. The large surface area of the trailers provide a huge billboard opportunity and the cost of advertising is very low because in most cases customers use just one or two colored vinyl lettering, which can easily last up to 7 years.

Partial Trailer Graphics

This is an affordable option that covers some parts of the sides and the back with decals, lettering and product pictures. Typical coverage and cost of a partial wrap is 35% to 70% of a full wrap. The vehicle is covered with a combination of vinyl text, product pictures, logos, striping or a geometrical design to create an appealing theme for the pickup. When designed effectively, this option yields the same results as a full wrap, for just a fraction of a full wrap price.

Full Trailer Wraps

This option provides complete coverage on the vehicles two sides and the back door. Some customers also opt to cover the small flat portion of the box in the front above the cab. These parts of the trailers are completely wrapped with full color digital graphics. Thus the entire trailer acts as a full color moving billboard. Full Wrap trailer graphics on vehicles are very affordable and provide a cost effective, rent-free alternative to billboard advertising. While a highway billboard in Houston may cost $3500 to $5000 a month in rent, trailer wraps cost only a one-time small investment that will last for 3 to 4 years without any maintenance.