Features and Benefits of Vehicle Advertising

Following are some great features and price benefits in comparison to some other forms of paid media advertisements


Because of their rent-free nature, vehicle graphics are a one-time advertisement expense. After a initial investment in the graphics, most graphics last for 4-5 years, thus providing a continued rent-free advertisement for an average of 48 – 60 months

Let's compare the costs of various advertising media:

  • Billboard Sign = $4000+ per month
  • Yellow Page Ad = $300+ per month
  • Full Vehicle Wrap = Less than $75 per month (e.g. $3400 for a full wrap on a cargo van that will last for 4+ Years)
  • Partial Vehicle Graphics = Less than $20 per month (e.g. $900 - $1700 for partial graphics on a cargo van that will last for 4+ Years)
  • Basic Vehicle Graphics = Less than $10 per month (e.g. $300 - $500 for a company logo and contact info on a cargo van that will last for 4+ Years)

Note that vehicle graphics provide a moving billboard that advertises even when the vehicle is in a parking lot. Plus, customers do not search for you like they do in a yellow book; they find you because they see you driving on the road everyday.

Avg. Advertising Cost for Different Media
A comparison Study by Source Media Dynamics, INC http://www.mediadynamicsinc.com shows below

Vehicle Fleet Graphics Benefits - Price comparison with other media
  • TV Advertising = Greater than $20.00 CPM
  • Newspaper Advertising = Greater than $15.00 CPM
  • Outdoor Billboard Advertising = $3.00 – 4.00 CPM
  • Truck Advertising = Less than $2.00 CPM
* Cost for truck advertising is based on a 28 ft truck contracted for full coverage over a period of 12months. Actual costs may vary based on geography etc.


With vehicle graphics you are advertising on the spot in front of your customers. When you or your employees drive a decaled vehicle to a customer, you advertise right in the face of your customer, they not only see your company’s professionalism but also get to know more about your other products and services.


Typical time for graphics design to production / installation is less than 2 weeks for a full wrap. For small Vinyl Decals / Lettering the time frame is usually 1 to 2 days.


Once a graphics design is developed for a pickup, the same graphics design can be applied to all your pickups. You pay for only a one-time design setup! After that, every time you place an order with us, the same graphics are reproduced on your other pickups within a couple of days. There is minimal wait and we take care of all the graphics production and installation coordination for you. At Saifee Signs, we understand it is vital to ensure your company's brand is consistently represented in every vehicle, whatever the size of your fleet.


Graphics can be removed without damage to the vehicle when you are ready to turn them in (leased or rented vehicles) or sell them.