What is a Wayfinding Monument Sign?

One of the key ways that a business can identify itself to consumers and passersby is through the use of a wayfinding sign. Every single day, wayfinding monument signs direct potential customers to businesses. Does your business need one?

Wayfinding: It's In The Name

When you think about it, the terminology for this type of sign is pretty intuitive. It is the signage that helps a customer or customers find a business. It is key for a business to make the right investments to ensure ROI, and wayfinding signs are just that.

What Are My Options?

Knowing that wayfinding signs are a good promotion solution, as well as a strategic tool, you might now be wondering what your options are. You may wonder, what size should I get? What colors would I need? Should I put my company logo on the sign?

Well, that's where the pros come into play. We at Saifee Signs work with the customer - you - to find the right fit in a wayfinding monument sign. We'll aim to present your message, clearly and boldly, so your customers can flock to your location.

Choosing the Right Sign for Your Location

If you're interested in making that leap into a wayfinding monument sign, look at ours. Look to Saifee Signs for the boost your business needs in the sign you deserve! (713)263-9900.