Interior Makeover Promo Code

Great! A 10% discount with promocode SEPMakeover-17 was applied right now to your account and can be used for new Interior Makeover orders placed online before Oct 13, 2017. If you need any help finding the right product or placing orders online please let us know. For custom products, please call us directly at 713-263-9900.

This promo-code can be applied towards interior makeover projects for reception area / lobby signs, conference room signs, interior wall murals / wraps and window graphics. This promotional offer cannot be combined with any other promo offers.


We are striving to bring our standard products online so you can get transparent pricing, fast, on multiple product options without having to wait for custom quotes. Please note though that the e-store is still in beta and is being improved on a weekly basis. Any feedback from you in improving this e-store will be greatly appreciated.