Imagine working in an office space with just white walls and no color. Sounds boring, right?! A lot of our client base feel a similar way before reaching out to us here at Saifee Signs. We can help them - and do help every single day - in both reworking their corporate space and their brand. New designs and a change in scenery can soften a working environment and make productivity skyrocket. Just on interiors alone, new signage and images both enlivens your visiting customers but also shows your employees how much you value them: they are worth the cost of a revamp and renew. Exterior signage is where the customers find your location and contact information, interior signs welcome visitors to your great workspace.

So why Saifee Signs when you can buy it online? Because, you simply can't buy an expert’s vision online. When you and your business enlist the help of Saifee signs, a standard process begins. First, our client representative gets a feel for the desired interior environment you want to create. This involves us coming to see your current space. The design we create for you - from the color scheme to the materials utilized - is based off of both your current design and off of what you truly want to express to your customers and your internal team alike.


Your new interior sign, created by our stellar team of designers, project leaders, and fabrication staff, will meet all of your expectations and exceed them. And if you have concerns, we work to finalize the sign with you to your specifications. We listen to your needs, aesthetically and logistically, to architect the perfect signage. This is done on budget and on time every time. The process involves the following steps:

  • Saifee’s design team creates the signage that addresses your business needs;
  • The budget and finance team works with you, the client, to make sure the product we create stays within your fiscal goals;
  • The materials professionals at Saifee offer you various platforms for your new aesthetic: from glass to steel, and from paint to bronze, we look for materials that can withstand the long haul;
  • Finally, production takes place; with the newest innovations, your sign is created - a perfect sign that remains within budget but produces stellar results for your ROI.