Can I see an example before I order it?

At Saifee Signs, we believe in offering absolutely nothing but quality for our clients. We have put together an in-house design team from some of the very best graphic designers and artists we could find in the market. Our in-house team works with your design team or advertising agency to ensure your exterior building graphics and signs match your specifications and rigorous standards. Our experts offer the experience you are looking for in a convenient package. Once the design is prepared, you can see an example of how it would look and then make any necessary changes that you feel would benefit your entire business further. We would be more than happy to work with you and your team to ensure the graphics are correct in every way. If you are not happy with the example work, we can offer recommendations for different materials, designs, and colors to match your budget and requirements.

Do I have to have my own artwork for a sign?

Believe it or not, you do not need to have your own artwork. You simply need to have a basic idea of what your sign would look like for your business. We have an expert in-house design team who have experience working with advertising agencies and the design teams of our clients’ businesses. With such a cohesive structure in place, we can design a new architectural sign that matches your needs. Our designers can offer recommendations based on your desired specifications in the form of different colors, styles, and even materials used. We can work within your budget in order to effectively ensure your needs are met and a perfect match. Some of the materials we can use include aluminum, stainless steel, and even bronze, if you wish. Simply speak with our design team once you have given us a call, and we can begin the process needed to design a sign for your business.

How long will it take to produce my sign?

The amount of time required to produce an intricate sign for your business has a few different variables that factor into the amount of time needed to craft a sign worthy of your standards and your company. Our in-house design team will work directly with you to ensure your specifications are matched directly. In order to effectively accomplish this task, however, we require some time to fully craft a sign that is worthwhile and brilliant to look at. The whole point of such a sign is to bring in new customers and garner their interest in the services you have to offer. The time required depends on the material used, the coloring, and how long it takes to engineer the sign itself. Some of the materials we use here at Saifee Signs include bronze, stainless steel, acrylic, glass, and aluminum, and some of these materials are easier to work with than others.