Because of their huge flat surfaces, Box Trucks provide true billboard advertising. Wraps on these large delivery trucks capture the attention of key customers while they are delivering goods to consumers and businesses. Therefore, companies are increasingly using fleet graphics to maximize their brand impact. With design, print, installation and inventory management capabilities, Saifee Signs can help you achieve your fleet branding needs.

Box Truck Graphics Options

Graphics options for Box Trucks are very similar to those for Vans & Pickups. There are three main options:

Basic Vinyl Graphics

Some customers want decals on just the cab doors. This usually includes company logo, phone numbers, website, and a few bullet points about the company’s products on the vehicles doors. Whereas, others want a bit more coverage with graphics on the sides and the rear Rollup Door. This is the traditional and most common option for flat surfaced vehicles. Customers like to put their company logo, phone numbers, website, and a few bullet points about the company’s products on the box truck’s sides and the rear roll-up door. The large surface area of the trucks provides a huge billboard opportunity and the cost of advertising is very low because in most cases customers use just one or two colored vinyl lettering, which can easily last up to 7 years.

Partial Truck Graphics

This is an affordable option that covers some parts of the sides and the back with decals, lettering and product pictures. Typical coverage and cost of a partial wrap is 35% to 70% of a full wrap. The vehicle is covered with a combination of vinyl text, product pictures, logos, striping or a geometrical design to create an appealing theme for the pickup. When designed effectively, this option yields the same results as a full wrap, for just a fraction of a full wrap price.

What is the cost for box truck graphics?

The cost of Saifee Signs’ box truck graphics depends on the specific size you need. We have a wide variety of options when it comes to size and design, all of which are custom-tailored to fit your truck. Whether you’re looking for a smaller decal to fit your cab door, a partial truck graphic, or a full-sized graphic to cover both sides of your vehicle, we have several affordable options! For a customized price quote and for any other questions, please contact the Saifee Signs team today. We’re here to assist you at any time with all your sign and graphics needs!

What is the approximate time frame I can expect for my vehicle wrap to be installed?

Here at Saifee Signs, we have several eye-catching and cost-effective design options for your vehicle! Our three main options include our Basic Vinyl Graphics (a decal for your door only, or graphics on the sides and rear door), Partial Truck Graphics (designs for partial coverage), and Full Truck Wraps (designs for complete coverage of your vehicle, including both sides and the back door). Depending on the size of your desired design and your specific vehicle type, the time frame it takes to complete your wrap installation varies per vehicle. For an in-depth assessment and accurate time estimate, contact the Saifee Sign team today!

Full Truck Wraps

This option provides complete coverage on the vehicles two sides and the back door. Some customers also opt to cover the small flat portion of the box in the front above the cab. These parts of the truck are completely wrapped with full color digital graphics. Thus the entire vehicle acts as a full color moving billboard. Full Wrap truck graphics on vehicles are very affordable and provide a cost effective, rent-free alternative to billboard advertising. While a highway billboard in Houston may cost $3500 to $5000 a month in rent, truck wraps cost only a one-time small investment that will last for 3 to 4 years without any maintenance.